Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dessert-Day 22


I am sick today. I've been fighting a bit of a cold the kiddos shared with me and over night I was achy and miserable. I've rested all day and am starting to feel better thank goodness! I don't really feel like blogging on the topic, but I'll tell a story and relate it in somewhat.
Last night we got take-out from Olive Garden, because I had cooked all week and just plainly didn't feel like cooking. On a hilarious note, Matthew thinks that Olive Garden's name is "Take Out" because I usually only go there to get food to go.  Someday I will tell this hilarious story to his first girlfriend and he will be annoyed, but she'll find it cute. ;)

Anyway....I figured why not get some dessert. So I ordered the Chocolate mousse cake. I was fairly disappointed to find that the portion size you get when you eat in the restaurant is much bigger then when you order take out. In fact so small, that I wondered if they were somehow mad at us.

Anywho.....this post makes no real sense & the baby is crying. Back tomorrow! 

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  1. That's frustrating! You expect it to be the same size, I would complain.