Friday, November 27, 2015

Shopping, Music & Love


Happy Black Friday! Is everyone shopping? I normally am a big Black Friday shopper. Unfortunately this year Benjamin is sick (which is completely pathetic in a 3 month old) and I am still getting over this dang cold too so my energy level is way too down to shop 'til I drop. So as of now I've shopped only one store. I am a bit bummed out. I normally do the mall and a few other stores. I don't wait in line for a store to open usually, but still I go out.
Oh year!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. My Aunt came up from Portland. We had a nice, low key holiday. Avery and I both cooked. We tried our hand at doing a turkey breast in the crock pot since it didn't make sense to cook a whole turkey for so few people. It turned out okay, but the meat was dry despite there being a lot of moisture in there.  

Day 26 yesterday was music and today day 27 is love.  Well I love music so that should cover them both right? Haha!!

One of my favorite songs over the past several months has been "Hope in Front of Me" by Danny Gokey.  Remember him on American Idol years ago? I loved him!  And I love his singing. 

In terms of love, today's word....sometimes I look at people I love and am so grateful that God put them in my life. Yesterday I happen to be coming downstairs while Avery was coming upstairs and just thought "Wow, I love this man and our life together!" The story of how we met is sort of a weird one and quite frankly I met him when I least expected it just like they always say. So in honor of love...I am focusing on how thankful I am for my husband. I LOVE him like no other.

Benjamin right after he was born, hanging out with Daddy until I was awake to be with him.

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