Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Days 10 & 11: Smile and Life

Courtesy of My Crazy Blessed Life
Eeks!! I missed yesterday, because I was doing the mentor thing for Compass. Meaning I was teaching Navy Spouses important stuff. And then once I got home I hurried to get the kids down for a quick nap, call to check on my moving Mom, clean up, get ready for the babysitter to arrive and then ran out to a meeting. So basically blogging was not primary in the brain.  Sorry about that everyone!

Day 10: Smile!! I am thankful for my smile. Silly to say, but it's always been one of my favorite features about myself. I remember one year in summer ballet class, the musical theatre teacher was teaching us how to smile big. I felt so ridiculously silly, but get this everyone?? He was right. That smile that I got coached to do is now "my smile." I own it. So thank you Mr. T (I think that was his name) for helping me out!
How's this photo for a way back Wednesday photo? One of my senior photos from high school!

Day 11: Life!  How can you take a picture of life? I could do a family photo, an ultrasound photo or tell you my story etc etc.....I am not sure where I'd even begin with that.  So I am going to share some really random trivia about my life!  

  1. I hate returning stuff without a receipt. It makes me uncomfortable & nervous. My husband thinks that's crazy. I made him return expired lunch meat for me this week to the grocery store, because I just couldn't do it. 
  2. I LOVE getting mail that isn't bills. So it is certainly not me causing the USPS to run out of money because I still mail cards frequently. Granted the amount of packages I send has lessened since we left Hawaii.
  3. I really like it when people re-pin my stuff on Pinterest. At one point in August one of my pins was re-pinned hundreds of times. I felt like a superstar! (So when I fail at blogging, I still keep up my Pinterest activity!)
  4. Sometimes I go "online window shopping," basically I add stuff to my cart, then I don't feel like inputting my payment information so I walk away. This is probably really good for my budget and I bet my husband likes it too! 
  5. I am so excited I've been blogging so much this month. It's fun again!

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