Thursday, November 19, 2015

Days 18 & 19-Grateful for Food and other things......


Yesterday blogging was supposed to happen, but for some reason it just didn't. We lost our power Tuesday afternoon and didn't get it back until around 10am yesterday morning. I also had a doctor's appointment with my new doctor and for some reason lacked motivation after all that.  I dragged the kiddos grocery shopping at 4pm....Matthew kicking & screaming practically. He said he was staying home.....I asked with whom and he said "with you."  Well that was going to be difficult since Mom was the shopper. Anyway...we finally got there and he was happy. Taking 3 kids by yourself to the grocery store or anywhere really is always an adventure. I've got shopping with 3 pretty well down and I've figured out McDonalds with a play place.  Nicer sit down restaurants...umm...yeah not happening for awhile. 

Anywho.....that's my long excuse for missing yesterday.

Day 18 was food. I love food. My favorite food is pizza. It's the ultimate make me happy food. When I was pregnant & even sometimes now with nursing Benjamin, we'll go to Costco and I can eat 2 slices of their cheese pizza. It's not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes me happy!

Day 19 (today) is grateful. I am grateful for so many things. Right now I am most grateful for having a roof over my head, food in the kitchen, a car to drive, health insurance and all the basic necessities that make life easier to live. We didn't have any health insurance for over a month and I was really scared. I've never not had health insurance. I am so grateful that my husband's new job was able to get us health insurance so quickly and that none of the kids had anything happen to them while we were insuranceless. 

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