Thursday, November 5, 2015

FUN fun fun (Day 5)

Courtesy of My Crazy Blessed Life

Can anyone else really believe I've made it 5 days in a row blogging? I am pretty shocked honestly. Today I am exhausted. I taught Ombudsman Basic Training last night and didn't get home until nearly 9:30pm! Thankfully my sitter had put the 2 older kiddos to bed (Benjamin stayed with me.) I got Benjamin sleeping and finally could eat dinner, make M's lunch for today and run around the house like a crazy person!
Matthew is at school, Julia's playing with Play-doh and Benjamin is here I am!

Day 5: FUN!  Who doesn't like fun? Kids are fun.  The following picture is from a few weeks ago. The bigger kiddos were playing with their Mr. Potato Head toys and decided their baby brother needed glasses. To say that B wasn't amused would be an understatement. Of course being the Mom that I am....I took a picture before rescuing the poor little fellow. I am sure he understood the wait...haha!!

Speaking of B.....nap is over (wow do I time this well or what??) and he'd like to come out of his crib. Toodles my friends!

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  1. Cute! Kids are fun...and do the craziest things (which we immediately photograph).