Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 12- Gift Giving!


I am racing to get this one in today. My Mother in Law is headed this way from the airport and I need to get this done before she arrives at the house.

Day 12: Gift!  I am taking this word in the literal meaning. I LOVE giving gifts! It is one of my favorite things to do. I have so much fun picking out the perfect thing for a family member or friend. Even finding something for someone when I am least expecting to find something.  Then the wrapping the gift and finally seeing their face when they open the gift from you.

The following picture is from last Christmas. Matthew had asked for a blue cat for Christmas. This was the first time he'd ever asked for something specific for any occasion so I wanted to do this for him. I looked everywhere. Finally found one from Build A Bear only for it to be sold out. So in a crisis I searched every single store known to man for a blue cat. Finally finding one at Michaels. I felt like a million dollars when he saw that blue cat on the Christmas tree (granted he's barely played with it since....but oh well.)  Julia picked out the purple turtle so she got something too.

Now here's hoping they don't nearly stump me this year. But I know he may because so far he's asking for a Fireman Sam motorcycle and Mommy isn't sure she can do that one. (Fireman Sam is a cartoon show we found on Amazon Prime Video.)

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