Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 21: Where I decide that leaves are boring and discuss Christmas instead.....


Day 21! Leaves!!  I found this below picture from an article the County Public Works department put out.  Basically it said clean your storm drains of leaves. It causes flooding here if you don't. Huge surprise I am sure!  When we lived on base there's a low point that would always flood due to design & leaves clogging the gutter.  

Leaves is basically the most boring topic, IMO. If you want an amazing leaves scene...I suggest going to Wisconsin to a place called Door County in October and driving around.

My Saturday was great. I spent it at the Fairgrounds at the annual Holiday Food & Gift show. My friend Sharon from church and I went (Benjamin & Julia came too) and had a great time. I got several Christmas gifts which really pleased me! My goal is to be done Christmas shopping by the end of November. I want to be able to just enjoy December and not worry about shopping for gifts etc that I have in previous years. I've got at least 5 Christmas parties to attend if I am counting correctly. And my husband also wants to attend his work Christmas party. Not sure if we can swing all of them, but we'll see! Anyway....I'd like to make December as stress free as possible, so I've gotta get the shopping done so I can just wrap, mail gifts out and do Christmas cards quickly.
Speaking of Christmas cards....I've been cutting back the number we send slowly every year, but this year I am cutting back even more. Is there a point in sending them to people who never send or even acknowledge us? Not to be rude, but I am thinking it's okay to put the brakes on this a bit. I am even cutting some family members off the list...GASP I know!!

In other news....I need to decide ASAP which Erin Condren Life Planner I am going with this year. I refuse to let go of my vertical design, but the cover design is a BIG DEAL! Which one do I chose?? It's a first world problem right there I tell ya!

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